Higher School of Environmental Design of the Moscow Architectural Institute
Scientific Directorate of Innovative Engineering Programs of Natural
Proportionality and Nature-Like Technologies
Russia, 107031, Moscow, Rozhdestvenka street 11, E-mail:

Your attention!

We ask you to pay your kind attention to modern innovations in the field of engineering, architecture, construction and to notify the state and commercial structures that can potentially analyze the value of proposed innovations for use in your country.

It is a question of the fact that, in Russia an innovative method of applying the Principle of Natural Proportionality in Nature-Like Technologies was discovered on the basis of using the features of the Golden Proportion.

Our discoveries of the manifestations of Natural Proportionality (manifestations of the Golden Proportion) in Nature-like Technologies have never been used anywhere, but further, in our opinion, the world will live and build only with their application.

It is not known when this principle will be widely used (5-10 years), but without its use to construct man-made, it makes no sense, because it excludes any errors of "order" in the Nature.

In nature, there are no mistakes, where grass, bushes, trees grow step by step, lightning strikes.

Golden Proportion appropriately embedded in engineering, carry guaranteed stability, stability of construction, satisfaction and psychological appeal to people. Variables of state - fatally lead to changes, are psychologically rejected up to disgust. By the way, the same factor affects natural selection in nature.

The way the whole world is being built is a great mess of mistakes and tolerated hits in the Golden Proportion (Natural Principles). This is one of the main reasons for illiquid and emergency installations.

At relatively low buildings (conditionally, within 10 floors), mistakes and deviations from the Golden Proportion (Natural Principles), with difficulty, but Nature itself and the human subconscious mind are accepted, and on high-rise buildings and large engineering objects - mistakes are critical (internal errors in the device are also critical large settlements and cities, especially in overpopulated areas).

How defective can be high-rise buildings constructed with deviations from the Natural Principles, so they become carriers of harmony for civilization where they are located, in the case when they are built using Nature-like Technologies.

It is proposed to build the first in the history of mankind a skyscraper using Nature-like Technologies, to find to it with the help of these technologies an appropriate place, to determine the purpose (as human organs are all proportionate in their places), and also to establish in which city, what province, and in which country this is the first historical skyscraper, like the epochal construction - the standard of Harmony, or vice versa, which object is appropriate in certain local conditions, if the terrain is already defined.

Further it is proposed to consider the expediency of creating a network of such skyscrapers, perhaps each with its own purpose, or universal, but with a certain internal fractional order and a step of altitude up to 1500 meters.

At the same time, it is proposed to consider the creation, for the first time in Nature Technologies, of a villages, districts, cites, if necessary a network of cities, and also with a certain order of shares, parts and occupied areas.

The countries for which this proposal is prepared are possible historical legislators and flagships of the demonstrative use of the Principle of Natural Correspondence in Nature-like Technologies: China, India, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden ...

New Technologies can potentially enhance projected areas of the future in already existing cities and cities of the future, such as: Shanghai, Great City, Shan-Sui, Doha, Masdar, Dubai, NeoTax, Keik, Neom, Bangalore ...

Our Scientific Directorate was created for the transition period with the subsequent formation of the Private Scientific Institute of Research and Application of Nature-like Technologies.

At present, everything related to innovations in Nature Technologies is at the forefront of advanced international science, for example, the research of our colleagues at the SIC Kurchatov Institute, Moscow State University.

In the modern world, a lot of innovative buildings and ultramodern cities are designed and built, now they are directly fashionable for them, but many are doomed to natural oblivion and ruin, due to the lack of use of the principles of Nature's Proportionality, developed by nature itself over millions of years.
The above technologies allow creating engineering objects (even groves, parks, gardens, agro-farms and marine farms), so that they would undergo natural selection. To create the most advanced, the highest and even the brightest, mostfamous and beautiful buildings, or a city - as national property of the state and the world as a whole, for centuries, can only be created with the use of these technologies. The information reason for these programs, in itself, will be a national treasure for many generations.

Our scientific group has reason to believe that Nature Technologies are particularly relevant and even necessary for creating the tallest building of our time.

Such projects are capable of becoming a national program and a factor in the rallying of the nation, and after the implementation it will enter the treasury of UNESCO's World Heritage.
Additional information clarifications on innovations in the practical application of the principles of Natural Proportionality in Nature Technologies in the Appendix - 1, 2, 3 (Open letter to the leadership of the Russian Federation).
Director General
Arkady Osipov
Administrative Director
Ilya Shabanov

Appendix 1:

Your Excellency!

We are sending you an information message on innovations in the field of practical application of the Golden Proportion in architecture, construction, especially the construction of high-rise buildings, land management, engineering.

At present, on the Internet, in You Tube there are a lot of commercials about the Golden Proportion and its manifestations, but there are absolutely no materials how to apply it in everyday life.

Our specialists are experts and consultants in the field of practical application of the Golden Proportion Standards, have been studying the practice of applying the Golden Proportion for many years and interact with the most prominent scientists in Russia and abroad (in physics, mathematics, sociology, biology, agro-industry, materials science), although they themselves do not are classical representatives of science.

In recent years, our head is headed by a small private scientific group and teaches his subject at various universities, but mostly in the architectural environment, for example, the Higher School of Environmental Design of the Moscow Institute of Architecture - MARHI. He shows and tells how, knowing the secrets of the Golden Proportion, you can build a house of the future, an apartment in which he lives and breathes easily, sleeps well and sells it without complications, how high the ceiling is, how to make a window into which you want to look and how to make a door into which I want to enter, what design and why, what size and how to make the right ornament, even if it was used for centuries (size and configurations matter).

On the Internet there are a number of articles on our sites with reviews of major scientists, on Facebook, in You Tube a lot of posts and commercials with interviews about the Golden Proportion. The management wrote an open letter to the leaders of the Russian Federation on the practice of applying the Golden Proportion, it was translated into English and also put on the Internet, we received many responses to a letter from the government, from the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation and simply from ordinary people.

Interested organizations and individuals may appear in your country if they learn about the essence of innovative discoveries in the field of application of Natural Proportionality - the Golden Proportion.

Appendix 2:

Your kind attention.

Over the past five years, Russia has made innovative discoveries in the application of Nature-like Technologies, taking into account the Natural Growth Groups in land management, architecture, construction, engineering.

We are talking about new methods of assembling Parts into the Whole by using innovative Standards of the Golden Proportion and the so-called Flower of Life in various man-made engineering and building structures, especially large and very large, for example, ships or skyscrapers.

These discoveries in international practice have not yet been applied. The application of the new Standards of the Golden Proportion makes it possible to build all the indicators of the viability of the man-made object and consciously use the techniques of creating Constant (satisfying, stable) and Variable (repulsive, annoying) states of the human psyche in a given space.

The fact is that if taken from the point of view of Nature, the right sizes and proportions, then in the Pitch of Natural Life areas, volumes, energies, even biocenose bacterial concentrations are built.

The consequence of this will be that the atmosphere in the house and the house itself, or any other design will become attractive, literally alive, even self-sufficient immortal. Skyscrapers will cease to ignite abnormally, fundamentally improve the accident rates for any engineering facilities, but most importantly they will become especially individually attractive and beautiful.

You can have any money and power, but be only next to Eternal Beauty and Ecology. Without the correct application of the accompanying Principles in manifestations of the Golden Proportion in the material world, it is simply impossible to create something of a worthy historical generation, by definition, even accidentally. You can turn any fantasy into a design, but it will be possible to make excellent, self-sufficient, attractive and stable multi-dimensional life of these constructions.

Today, the world needs a precedent. We need to create the first show houses, skyscrapers (probably the main show super skyscraper), towers, towns, cities (possibly an exponential city), artificial reservoirs, ships, aircraft using the new Standards of Gold Proportion in Natural Growth Groups, use the innovations of Nature-like Technologies, previously the modern world is not known. The inaccuracies of the city of Chandigarh in India from Le Corbusier are now evident (although even with inaccuracies, the principles of the Golden Proportion applied there make a positive contribution, for example, in the city of Chandigarh - the highest per capita income in India)
Errors of proportionality in large and high objects are especially fatal, and on the contrary, Natural Proportionality makes a high-rise house a special source of Harmony.

To start a new era of conscious use of the laws of nature, we need to build a representative for the entire civilized world, namely a large high-rise object, for example, a skyscraper or a ship. Second, create a Center for Studies of Nature-like Technologies and Natural Proportionality (Golden Ratio).
Whoever first starts using the new Natural Growth Standards, he will lead the race for the conscious manifestations of the Trinity Systems in the material world, and in a simple way, the race for immortal history, for immortal man-made Beauty and Ecology.

The knowledge of the secrets of the Golden Proportion directly leads to an awareness of the reasons for success in psycho-programming and to the principles of artificial intelligence.

Expert in the practical application of the Golden Proportion of Mr. Arkady Osipov

Appendix 3:


To the President of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Mr.V.V.Putin

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

Russia is the beloved child of the Trinity, which is revealed in the material world through the manifestation of the law of the golden proportion.
For centuries the historical situation of disclosing manifestations of the golden proportion - natural proportionality for conscious use by people - has ripened.

The secular world already knows in practice such a phenomenon as the Standard of Natural Proportionality - N.P.S. Or Nature's Proportionality Standard.
If someone forgot to count to three, he left natural harmony, then in the “cause-effect” for believers it is the loss of God, and for pragmatists, in any case, getting into a mistake, and often in trouble, in problems, at a loss. Strength is where there is Trinity.

The standard of triunity precisely characterizes and causally explains the essence of religions, historical events and consequences of decisions of historical personalities, including, for example, in the USSR, in other countries.

Since mass conscious application of the laws of proportionality is already becoming a fact, thanks to the Russian initiative, Russia needs to lead this process at the official level, becoming the legislator of innovations in the field of the Triunity in manifestation.

The global confrontation will be won by those countries that are the first to start systematically using the Trinity Standard, and those who ignore it are guaranteed to suffer or even collapse.

The world is doomed to the beginning race for innovations in the field of triune unity, a race for survival, which will lead to a fatal nation-wide union, to a new Trinitarian civilization.

The law of Trinity, revealing, suggests ten basic steps for the harmonization of our socio-political situation, and also gives a number of new civilizational opportunities in the field of ideology, security, defense and space technologies.

These opportunities and ways of their implementation through a special state program are offered to your attention in the attached document.
Sincerely, Mr.Arkady Osipov (7th of April 2016)

EXPLANATIONS - Your kind attention.

For several decades, being an economist by education, doing business and social activities, I studied the humanitarian features of the Trinity in the manifestations of the golden proportion in architecture, in everyday life, in psychology (programming), in religions, in ideology, in social life, With a number of Russian scientists. In previous years, I had to teach the practice of applying the law of the golden proportion, including at the Higher School of Design of the Moscow Architectural Institute.

Recent years abound with personal innovative discoveries of manifestations of the golden proportion in the material world. For the first time, the steps of nature formation of subjects and, most importantly, of space, the steps of assembling parts into a whole, the steps of the golden proportion in squares, volumes, natural steps of altitude have been determined for the first time, and the principle of determining the natural points of attachment to the terrain vertically and horizontally has been found.

This refers to the literal "cultivation" of any man-made object, like the nature of a garden bed, along with the insides of a chair, a knife, a shed, a private house, a skyscraper, a tower, a car, an airplane, a ship, a submarine, a rocket, an orbital station, Small arms, cannons, bombs. One can even create an atmosphere of a cosmodomule with a biocenose complex of plants. The principle of "cultivation" of any objects I have worked out and systematized.
"Cultivated" with a natural step size and biocenosis effect of heavenly woodlands, an oasis, a pond. Man-made objects become absolutely harmonious, in a sense self-sufficient, alive and even immortal.

A number of circumstances, especially of a defensive nature, force me before publishing a prepared book about the manifestations of the golden proportion and bringing it to the international market, commercializing some of the discoveries, to tell you their aspects.

Principles of manifestations of the golden proportion were used in the election of the governor Mr.M.Evdokimova, but almost no one understood the original cause of the artist's victory, even within the team.

Attempts to inform the Russian authorities about the possibilities of such manifestations in working with the public were drowned in bureaucratic correspondence, memoirs for active life position, including those from the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, remained in memory.
The past is also four-year empty correspondence, and personal meetings with representatives of the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Sciences, several research institutes and the United Russia Party on the creation of a state program and the organization of a scientific and educational Center for Natural Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

For the harmonious maturity of the Trinity's relations - "the state, society, man", from the point of view of the manifestation of the golden proportion, it is
important to set zero and the beginning, and then at least to the atomic age, into space, and it is Russia that will have to lead the world in space, the main race is still Ahead.

The agrarian question is one of such initial factors, including for solving the problems of the connection between generations and demography. Who leads the agrarians - he leads the world. Without an exposed start, any civilization will always stumble, slip into irritation, into riots, in a revolution. This is how the law of assembling parts into the whole manifests itself in the formation of states. Infinitely explaining that the agrarian question in Russia and in the world is finally solved, thanks to some biocenosis techniques of natural farming, which accurately reflect the manifestations of the golden proportion when assembling parts into a whole, I fell into mutual understanding with the interlocutors, but at a deadlock and stagnation of actions.
I was convinced by many, even loyal to the topic of the leaders, that a team from above is needed, that perhaps it is not yet time, they say, you have strongly fled ahead, but I see something different.

It's time to consciously and comprehensively shape life in a completely different way, according to the principle of trinity. The new Trinity epoch - the triadic civilization, the civilization of conscious cause-effect relationships, is slowly but surely coming, we just do not understand it yet, it will unite the world further in a nation-wide sense.

Me on the Internet nine years ago on the website of the Future Generation Fund - Genio was published in a journalistic manner article on the manifestations of the golden proportion, now I understand that with a number of inaccuracies, but in general interesting, and I expected explosive attention of the layman and the authorities, but the reviews were Restrained. This is also shown by domestic interviews in Youtube.

At various ecological forums declaring that the man-made ecology begins with a natural harmony, realized through the opening of the trinity through manifestations of the golden proportion, and showing how to simply create something according to the laws of nature, I found much understanding, but few followers. I often had to prove that a large amount of money and power opportunities only distances the ecology and harmony.

In the Moscow Architectural Institute, temporary scientific groups were created twice, and the results, without exaggeration, are principled and very good, but it was necessary to cover up the topic so far, it is difficult to understand what to do with the opportunities that are opening up.

One of the arguments of the importance of natural proportionality is that our profuse mistakes are tolerated only as long as we build in a relatively small altitude. It's like taking donor organs from people of different sizes - until the time is possible ... Building high-rises and towers with errors in land management and proportionality is simply a priori anti-life.

That is why the operation of high-rise buildings is often complex, worthless, fire and dangerous. To check Mr.Kadyrov's skyscraper for compliance with the golden ratio, I wrote a letter to the leadership of Chechnya, but so far there is no answer.

The market for such expertise in the world is potentially huge, especially when using advertising, the knowledge of this topic is exclusive, here and now, only in Russia, among the fellow tribesmen St.Alexander Svirsky, St.Sergii Radonezhsky, St.Andrei Rublev, Academician Mr.Boris Raushenbach.

Manifestations of the golden proportion in land management and construction accurately bind objects to the level, there is any point necessary for the purpose of the object along the vertical and horizontal lines, including the so-called "navel of the earth". For example, the location of the new capital in Siberia and the proportionality of the buildings associated with the destination, or the exact size and height of the launching table from the sea level at the cosmodrome, the width of the roads, the size of the quarters, the districts, the share of social facilities, as well as the negative zones on the ground and Water. It's like human organs - everything is strictly in place, there is not a liver in the head, but brains "below".

Today it is clear why the city of Chandigarh in India, built by Le Corbusier using proportionality, is only partially successful, like some of his other creations. It is precisely in the correct assembly of the whole, in the interaction of the subject and spatial limiters!

Working only with parts from the ruler of the golden ratio step is sure to be mistaken. For the same reason, sometimes the ceiling in the room presses on a person, you want to look at a certain window indefinitely, and from the opposite turn away, on the door jamb of some door you hit or the walls interfere. With the right proportionality, a person feels indoors as comfortably as a child in the womb of a mother.

To create man-made using the laws of natural proportionality is simpler, cheaper, more beautiful, and as a result, more profitable exploitation and a healthier atmosphere. Extra options are excluded, but the variety is infinite.

To predict and form the territory of the state, when both the citizens and neighbors are happy, one can only know the natural step of the golden proportion in the squares, the same principle settles the eternal disputes of neighbors in different settlements and tells what to do if the territory is already formed, but allocate 1 hectare People - a failure, in the step of nature 2.5 hectares.

The material world is bound by the laws of space! The salt of natural proportionality is precisely in the principles of the formation of the natural space, they are infinitely important and show, including, for example, how much the population will allow nature on Earth or the number of people in the space residential module.

Probably, for the time being one can live without taking into account the golden proportion in balancing international relations, including without an international social movement centered in Siberia, without balancing national relations, economics, ideology, namely the share of public and state institutions, the share of planned and market management, with Personnel decisions of the share between the vertical of power and elections, the step of taxes and the share of excises.

One can still live without an exponential international science city - an agrarian economy with a city of farmers and with the effects of a biocenosis explosion of heavenly tabernacles, without an illustrative ecological city, village, harmonious house or skyscraper with an exact underground and land part, a monument, a "sacred" grove, park, boulevard , Public garden, as well as, for example, without the natural interface of gadgets.

Atomic, space and defense projects are feared, there mistakes are fatal, especially with large objects, heavy missiles, orbital, lunar and Martian stations, space plants, cosmodromes, as well as military facilities of a new generation. How can we create weapons of the fifth and the next generations without the principles of living harmony? In the same place, speeds and other parameters are prohibitive, they are unlikely to dovetail with the old approaches.
Just so to create a modular rocket or submarine, you want a small one - please, you need more - added, but it is unlikely to happen, almost at each next step of the size of the object and, as a consequence, in its spatial components, the nature of assembling parts into a whole changes!

For example, grass, bushes and trees are proportionally collected in a whole according to different principles.

It is doubly dangerous to build superheavy missiles, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarine cruisers, nuclear power plants without precise links to living proportionality. Errors will "tear" the man-made objects at the seams of the boundaries of the space step.

At some objects even correctly to collect all parts in proportionality a little. Make a living object and make a viable object - a big Odessa difference, a difference between a dense self-sowing birch and a spacious age-old forest. Small birches are also alive, but they will live a little and badly. It is about the so-called N.P.S. - The Standard of Natural Proportionality, the effect of the Permanent Natural Standard and the Alternating Natural Standard.

From the point of view of the law of the golden proportion, in the relations of the smaller, larger and whole in Russia in Russia and, what is interrelated for Russia and Vitally important, in the world as a whole, there are critical behavioral and organizational failures, for example, in the stratification of society.

These failures are in the balancing of opposites, in finding the dominants of living middleness in a number of different aspects of life, even in such as specific characters - the archetypes of states and leading cadres or in the creation of Unions for ages.

Any public person in a behaviorally commensurate-program sense can be seen from several phrases in the media and often internally programmed destructively, these are some people in Russia, old and new political parties, and other states.

The failures are clearly seen in the deviation from the proportional balance of spirituality and materialism, in the dominants of Western and soil approaches in ideology, in the historical interrelationships of Europe and Asia, the Americas, Africa and Europe.

The defining question is the dominance of generations, for example, the issue of motherhood and childhood. For spiritual and religious harmonization, ideological and educational adjustments are required, including, even, such as the construction according to natural standards of the cathedral churches and other confessional constructions for national programs.

Secret societies, trying to control the world for centuries, hid exactly the secrets of manifestations of the golden proportion, and now for us this is a fully explicable scientific field. For mass awareness of the topic, we need a state program. Still classics predicted Russia to find harmony within themselves and subsequently lead the world, one of them, Fiodor Dostoevsky.

Now we need to conduct an internal inspection of ourselves. Further, if possible, quietly, but firmly, with knowledge, create several industry-specific scientific groups with the prospect of organizing research institutes and create SUEs for the introduction of N.P.S. - The Standard of Natural Proportionality, which manifests a triune unity, and also take a number of corrective steps in the field of security, defense, economics, ideology, domestic and foreign policy.

The proposed solutions, with or without us, will epoch-makingly change the world on a before and after. It is of fundamental importance, in whose being this happens, to whom history entrusts. Already there are systemic evidences that it is unlikely that the mass awareness of the manifestations of the trinity law - the golden proportion - of natural proportionality will be maintained, this genie has already been released, now the historian and the legislator of the NPS have only historically manifested themselves to the country, it is this principle that unites the world, or divides itself.

Today in Russia there is a perfect weapon of the epochs - the Standard of Trinity - N.P.S ..

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